Shrub Pruning

Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any landscape and helps to give your property a well-manicured look. Even though late fall or early spring is the best time to prune before buds break, pruning can actually be done at anytime of the year if done properly.

Correct pruning is an essential maintenance practice for trees and shrubs in the landscape.  Proper pruning:

  • Promotes plant health (stimulate flowering & fruiting)
  • Improve plant appearance
  • Removes undesirable growth
  • Protects people & property (remove dead, diseased, or broken branches)
  • Maintains or reduces plant size
  • Rejuvenate & restore old plants to vigorous growth

Tired of dragging extension cords around the yard, but still want to keep your property looking its best? Have our team of professionals improve the appearance of your landscape with a custom shrub pruning.