Landscape plantings serve many purposes. They can be used to provide shade, protect from the wind, join or separate spaces, enhance the appearance and value of homes and buildings, produce fruits and vegetables, or simply to provide aesthetic value. Proper plant selection is one of the most important elements in a successful landscape. Some key elements to plant selection are:

    • Growth habits and characteristics of plants
    • Planting Zone
    • Different bloom cycles
    • Maintenance required by the plant
    • Presence of deer (deer-resistant plants)
    • Customer needs/desires
    • Purpose of plantings

We incorporate all of these key elements into our plant selections and design layout in aims of providing a landscape planting with the desired effect.

    • Use of different plants that provide contrast, color, texture, scale,  and different bloom times
    • Selection and layout of plants that will complement one another
    • Work with existing elements in the site
    • Repeat or contrast architectural lines
    • Preserve views of key architectural features

We use only the finest quality plants for our landscapes. We reach out to a select group of local suppliers, who offer an extensive selection of the finest native and non-native species, hardiness, beauty, and sustainable plant material.   All of our new plantings are backed by a one year guarantee. Using our vast knowledge of plants and exceptional design sense, our goal is to create a landscape planting that will not only accentuate the beauty of your home, but convey a welcoming impression to visitors and provide interest year round. 

Hortech Zelenka