Paver Patios • Walkways • Driveways

Brick pavers continue to gain popularity due in part to the vast array of color, shapes, patterns, and textures that offer a distant look that will complement and enhance the natural beauty of any surrounding, while also providing long-lasting durability.
Statistics have shown that many property owners today consider pavers a more attractive and permanent solution than poured concrete or asphalt and see as an important investment in improving their curb appeal. There are many good reasons as to why patio pavers are becoming a popular building material for constructing outdoor patios, walkways and driveways:

    • Increase Property value
    • 4x stronger than conventional concrete and 10-20x stronger than asphalt
    • Cheaper to repair
    • Better weight distribution
    • Durability
    • Provide a slip-resistant surface
    • Aesthetics- with over 50 colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to easily customize to fit your personal tastes

With endless possibilities we are able to create an awe-inspiring design that will compliment the character of your house and its surroundings.  Dawson’s Landscaping LLC has the expertise and knowledge to make your dream a reality.