Water is an essential element needed to establish and maintain any healthy landscape. With water being a limited resource, there is an ever increasing need to conserve it. By having a properly functioning irrigation system that operates efficiently is beneficial to our environment. Whether is be as simple as adjusting a head, or as complex as designing and installing a new irrigation system, Dawson's Landscaping LLC can help you with all of your irrigation needs. Dawson's Landscaping LLC has experienced technicians that can service and troubleshoot any system. The services Dawson's Landscaping LLC offers:

Spring Start-up

Each spring we thoroughly check your system by making sure your pump and/or back flow preventer operate properly. From there we will run through each zone checking irrigation heads to ensure they are properly functioning and spraying the area they are intended to. While running through each zone we will use a special tool designed to cut around each irrigation head in the lawn to ensure that the overgrown grass does not prevent the irrigation heads from spraying properly. Our technicians will activate the rain sensor if applicable and then program a schedule on the irrigation controller.


Monthly or bi-monthly monitoring programs are offered that include checking your entire system to ensure it is running properly. Our technicians will check for signs of leaks, adjust and replace heads as needed, and also make seasonal adjustments on the irrigation controller as necessary.


Troubleshooting any irrigation system can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the system. Knowledge of how an irrigation system works will help aid in where to start diagnosing the system based on the problem. Some common problems Dawson's Landscaping will troubleshoot are:

    • Valve locating
    • Zone stays on
    • Zone doesn't turn on
    • Low Pressure
    • Irrigation head pops up but does not spray
    • System won't operate


The first week of October marks the beginning of winterization irrigation system for our clients. Our experienced technicians begin by turning off the water source, and disconnecting the pump if applicable. We use a commercial grade air compressor that uses pressure regulated air to remove any water from the system and prevent from freezing. We will run through each zone twice to ensure that no damage will occur from freezing. Depending on the system our technicians will drain the water source and unplug the irrigation controller. Our technicians will make notes if there are any problems within the system and notify the client so they are aware come spring time of any fixes need to be made.


One of the most important aspects of any irrigation system is the design. This will show what type of irrigation heads will be used and where. Many variables go into designing an efficient irrigation system which may include:

    • Grass varieties (bluegrass, rye, fescue)
    • Sun conditions (shady vs. sunny areas)
    • Soil Conditions (clay, sandy, silty, and loam)
    • Water Pressure • Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
    • Source of Water (Municipal or Pump)
    • Object being water (Plant material vs. lawn areas)

Dawson's Landscape LLC designs all systems to have head to head coverage along with matched precipitation that will ensure even watering and thus eliminating the chance for dry spots. Some key features to having a system we design include:

    • High quality products with proven performance (Rain Bird and Hunter)
    • Systems designed to accept additional zones/irrigation heads in the future with minimal effort
      • Extra room in the valve box for an additional valve
      • Using a higher strand wire that has a capacity to accept additional zones
    • All irrigation valves are located together to make future repairs and/or troubleshooting more efficient and cost effective
      • The valve manifold is incased by treated 2" x 8" lumber within the landscape beds and finished off with composite decking to compliment the house. This helps keeps dirt and pests out of the valve manifold along with no need to dig up the landscape to make any necessary repairs.
    • Each system is outfitted with a wireless rain sensor
      • The sensor will automatically shut down the system when it detects too much rain
      • After the system dries out it will automatically turn the system back on to its regularly programmed time.
      • Easy to install and maintain
    • Irrigation controller is installed in an area that is easy for the homeowner to use but also allowing a contractor easy access even when the homeowner isn't home

    Rain Bird Hunter

Rid O' Rust Remover

RidoRust Do you find yourself with unsightly rust stains on your house? On your sidewalk? Or any other surfaces on your property? Dawson's Landscaping LLC can provide you with an effective rust remover that is not only simple to use but also safe. Rid O' Rust stain remover is a biodegradable, non-carcinogen that will not harm the grass or plant material, while effectively removing those unsightly rust stains on your property.

Rid O' Rust Stain Preventer

The simplest and most effective way to eliminate those ugly rust stains is to prevent them from happening in the first place. To ensure those stains don't re-appear we must first understand the type of water being used so that we can properly treat it. Our team of professionals will come and test your well for iron content, hardness, and pH. We will then use the results gathered to implement the proper formula that will treat your well water. Whether it be an injection or siphon feed system, Dawson's Landscaping can install and maintain a Rid O'Rust Stain Prevention system that will keep your property stain free for years to come.