Fertilizing & Pest Control

Maintaining a healthy, dense lawn requires providing the proper nutrition while at the same time combating insects, diseases, and weeds. Understanding that every lawn has different requirements, we can tailor a program that will meet the specific needs of your lawn. We offer a balanced fertilizer program that supplies the right nutrients in the correct amounts at the best time for the lawn, while providing uniform growth throughout the season.

Whether you are looking to maintain a healthy lawn, eliminate an existing problem, or simply revive/renovate your lawn Dawson’s Landscaping LLC can assist you.

Our services include:

    • Fertilization- 4 applications a year  ( May, July, August, November)
    • Weed Control- 2 applications a year (June, September)
    • Insect Control (grubs)- (June)
    • Soil Testing (recommended every 3 years)
    • Used to determine nutrients currently in the soil along with pH
    • Indicates deficiencies in the soil that need to be mended
    • Overseeding- introduce new seed to promote a dense, healthy lawn

A healthy lawn:

    • Converts carbon dioxide into oxygen
    • Absorbs and deflects sound
    • Cools the atmosphere
    • Controls erosion and removes contaminants by trapping water runoff
    • May increase property values as much as 5%-15%
    • Safe surface for kids to play