Lawn Dethatching

Thatch develops when organic matter accumulates faster than the organisms can deal with it, which is what happens when you over fertilize and water frequently and shallowly. Thatch is the layer of debris that accumulates above the soil and below the blades of grass. A shallow layer of thatch acts as a natural mulch to retain moisture and lower soil temperature. Thatch also cushions the plants crowns and discourages germination of weed seeds, but too much thatch (> ½ inch) can cause trouble in your lawn such as:

      • Shallow rooting
      • Nutrient imbalances
      • Impedes water filtration
      • Harbors pathogens and insect pests

With every spring clean up Dawson’s Landscaping LLC recommends de-thatching your lawn to help maintain a healthy thatch layer and also to promote new seedling growth for the upcoming growing season.