Spring Clean-up

Spring clean-up and lawn maintenance begins by properly caring for your lawn. Spring is the time of year when we want to refresh the landscape by removing any damage that was caused by winter. A good early spring clean-up can help minimize disease and insect problem for the rest of the year. Dawson's Landscaping LLC will thoroughly go over your property to ensure its ready for the upcoming growing season.

During the process we will:

    • Remove all leaves, sticks, and debris from lawn and landscape beds
    • Deadhead plant material
    • Cut back ornamental grasses
    • Edge landscape beds along with sidewalks & driveways
    • Dethatch areas of lawn that is needed
    • Repair any snowplow damage from the previous winter
    • Pull any weeds from landscape beds
    • Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to landscape beds to control new weed growth
    • Add a fresh layer of mulch to help freshen the beds along with prevent new weeds from germinating and also help
    • plantings to retain moisture
    • Apply a spring fertilizer
    • Gutter Cleaning

Fall Clean-up

The changing of fall colors marks the end of the growing season! Fall is a good time to take necessary measures to ensure your landscape is prepared to survive the long winter months in Michigan. The task of removing fallen leaves on your property can be time consuming and overwhelming, not to mention frustrating with blowing leaves from neighboring properties. But allowing leaves to remain on the property can suffocate grass and moisture will build up under the leaves and cost a host of fungal diseases.

Dawson's Landscaping LLC provides the following fall clean-up services for its commercial and residential clients:

      • Complete leaf removal
      • Cleaning of landscape beds
      • Curbside leaf removal
      • Shrub pruning
      • Cutting back perennials & grasses
      • Apply a winter fertilizer
      • Gutter cleaning
      • Deer Pro Application of Deer Pro prevents costly damage from deer
        • Available only to commercial applicators
        • Provides long-lasting protection from deer
        • Protects perennials, shrubs, ornaments and landscaping from deer year round
        • The repellent is not degraded by rain or irrigation
        • Two repellents offered:
          • Winter- 6 months of protection
          • Spring/Summer- 4-6 weeks of protection